Load BalancerΒΆ

Binero cloud provides a managed load balancer service that you can use when scaling and making your application more resilient and highly available with little effort for you.

The service handles the ingress traffic and requests to your application with support for healthchecks. See the Load balancing in Binero cloud for more details on how the service works.

The load balancer service is based upon well-established open source projects HAProxy and Keepalived and all load balancers created is highly available and redundant. Binero handles security and patching of your load balancer infrastructure at no extra cost.

You can manage your load balancers using the Cloud management portal, OpenStack Horizon, OpenStack terminal client or the API.

The load balancer service is available in all our availability zones.


If availability zone is selected it will always default to the europe-se-1a availability zone.


The load balancer service requires a router and members on a private subnet to use.


Please note that availability zone on a Load Balancer only selects where the load balancer is located and the incoming traffic from the internet will still go through the availability zone that the Router is in.