The image service in Binero cloud allows you to store and retrieve virtual machine images that you can be used to populate a volume or boot an instance from.

The pricing for uploaded images is per gigabyte hour (GB/h) for the combined used space for all your private images. See our pricing list for more details.

Public images

Binero cloud provides images of popular virtual machine images and operating systems from official sources that are publicly available in the platform so that you can get started quickly.

Each image is configured to honor cloud-init. Images is always used as a source from volumes or instances and the images themselves are never written to.

Private images

You can upload and store images that only you have access to on your account. You can create a image from an existing instance, this can be useful if you already have a certain configuration that you want to re-use.

You can bring any image that you want to use, for example from other cloud providers where you already have a image that you want to use in Binero cloud as well.

Uploading an image


Customers can only upload private images and cannot set image visibility to public or community as that would open up a security vulnerability for malicious images.

To upload an image using the Cloud management portal

  • Press Compute and then Images in the sidebar menu

  • Click the plus sign (+) in the bottom right corner

  • Specify a image name

  • Select the disk format that the image has

  • Select a OS distro and version that matches what your image contains

  • Set the architecture to x86_64 as this is the only supported architecture

  • Set the visibility to private

  • You can upload a image either using an URL that will be downloaded or from a file on your computer, select what you prefer.

  • You can leave any remaining fields empty unless you want to fill them in as well.

    • If you want to prevent your image from being accidentally deleted you can set the image as protected which means it will need to be unprotected in order for a delete on the image to be successful.

  • Click Create Image

Creating image from instance

Creating a private image from an existing instance that is available in the cloud is done with the snapshot instance feature.

See the Create snapshot documentation that details creating an instance snapshot that can then be uploaded as an image.

Create instance from image

To create a new compute instance from an image, see the Launch instance from image documentation.