Cloud management portal


If you need multiple users with personal accounts to manage your infrastructure, Horizon is a good alternative way to accomplish this as the cloud management portal only supports the main user.

In the cloud management portal you will be able to setup your cloud infrastructure effortlessly and quick! Its available at using either single sign on from the account management portal or login directly:

  • To use single sign on, press “Login to the cloud portal” on the first page (where you end up directly after logging in) of the account management portal.

  • To login directly, use the same e-mail address you use to reach the account management portal.

The cloud management portal focuses on ease of use and has support for the main features of the platform while leaving out some of the more advanced features. For information on how to complete certain tasks in the cloud management portal, see their various sections in this documentation. In our getting started guide we explain how to use the cloud management portal to setup your first instance with a router and a floating ip which is a very good way to start out using the platform.