Service catalog

The service catalog is a repository of installable open source software as well as convenience functions for automating more complex tasks in the platform. Its only available in the Cloud management portal.

The service catalog is available from the main menu under “Service Catalog” and then either “services” (which will show you your provisioned services and allow you to add new) or “service templates” (which will show you available services).

Create service

To provision a new service using the Cloud management portal, follow these steps:

  • Press “Service Catalog” and then “Services” in the sidebar menu.

  • Press the “+” icon in the bottom right corner.

  • Select a service in the drop down.

  • Press “next”.

  • For detailed information on each service, please see its article on this documentation platform.


Automated features simplify creating complex setups in the platform by using the service catalog to automate them. The services will be setup the same way as if they where manually setup but the process is faster and requires less knowledge. The following services ara available:


Automated application installations are available to provide applications pre-installed on an instance. Aside from having the software installed, the software will also (when applicable) be configured for you with sane defaults. The following applications are available:

  • Postgre SQL will install a Postgres instance with the option of adding replication.

  • MySQL or MariaDB will install a MySQL (or MariaDB) instance with the option of adding replication.

  • Grafana will install a Grafana Dashboard.

  • Gitlab will install a gitlab repository with its dashboard.

  • Fileshare will install a Linux VM with both NFS and SMB support for use as a filestore backend in the platform.

  • LAMP will install a Linux Apache MySQL PHP stack on a single instance.

  • Load balanced LAMP will install a load balanced (using the Binero cloud load balancer service) Linux Apache MySQL PHP stack using separate instances foreach function.

  • OpenVPN sets up VPN, see Client VPN.

  • Redis will install a Redis in-memory datastore.

  • Grafana will install a Grafana Dashboard.