Available services

Binero cloud is a full fledged infrastructure platform. Below are some of the main services outlined.


One of the three core services of the platform, compute is instances (virtual machines) running on physical hardware, providing CPU and RAM via “flavors” (which defines amount of resources and what kind of resources a server or instance gets access to).

Block storage

Another core service, block storage is the persistant storage that is used to save files and data, i.e. the “harddrive” of the server.

This is done via volumes that can be either SSD-based or HDD-based (depending on the use case). The volumes are attached to instances at creation but can be re-attached to a new instance or shelved.


The last core service is networking. Binero cloud supports routers that enable routing between networks as well as firewalling.

To routers (and instances) its possible to connect floating IPs which are public (available on the internet) IP-addresses that can have various functions.

Load balancer

To manage load distribution between servers (or to create highly available systems) a load balancer is provisioned.

This is a system that takes a request and forwards it to one of several available servers in a pool. If one server is not working (or needs to be for instance rebooted), it will be removed from the pool. By using a load balancer, its easier to scale out a system.

Secret store

Using our secure secret store, you can store information securely that you want to use for the platform.

For instance certificate keys for terminating SSL in the loadbalancer or for using with the S3 service.

Client VPN

To reach your infrastructure securely, a VPN might be utilised.

This would setup a secure tunnel, encrypting your traffic before sending it over the internet back and forth. Binero cloud supports OpenVPN.

Object storage

Object storage is a way to store objects (files of any kind) by id in the cloud using HTTPS.

Binero cloud supports both S3 and Swift APIs for our object storage service.

NVMe storage

NVMe based storage is the most highly performing storage available with latency, throughput and I/O close to the speed of RAM.

Binero cloud supports NVMe volumes for applications that require the highest possible speed.


Binero cloud has a built in backup solution that you can enable for your volumes.

Backup is always sent off site and stored in our S3 cloud.

GPU based compute

For certain workloads, a CPU will not provide enough parallelism to provide an efficient workflow. GPUs are by design more limited in their use but extremely capable at doing the work they are designed for.

Binero cloud provides instances with GPU compute.

Multiple availability zones

Binero cloud is available in two physical locations, availability zones, with about 10 km as the crow flies between the sites.