OpenStack Horizon

If you have previous experience from working with OpenStack (or are an advanced user), there is a second portal from which to manage your cloud infrastructure which is the OpenStack Horizon dashboard, available at You can login here by first creating an API user from the cloud management portal. An API user is a native OpenStack keystone user.


An API-user is not the same as the user you’ve logged into the cloud management portal. Please see Users for more information on the various user concepts in Binero cloud.

Unlike the cloud management portal, Horizon does support more than a single user. If your use-case calls for personal logins, use the main user only for setting up additional API users and have your technical staff login to the Horizon interface instead.

Some advanced features (as described in this documentation) in the platform will require OpenStack Horizon, the OpenStack terminal client or the API to complete.

Binero cloud offers a standard installation of the Horizon dashboard in an effort to be consistent with other vendors and private clouds running OpenStack. It is documented in great detail in the official OpenStack documentation available here and will therefore not be exhaustively covered in this documentation.


If you are unfamiliar with Horizon and don’t explicitly need the more advanced features available in it, you are recommended to use our cloud management portal as it is much easier to use when starting out.

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