If you need to store files on a filesystem that can be access across a network, using our fileshare service is a good option. The fileshare service will provision a Linux based instance on which it will setup either (or both of) NFS and/or Samba (SMB/CIFS).

To setup the service, first follow the general instructions on our Service catalog page. Then follow these instructions:

  • Give your service a name and optionally a description.

  • Select which availability zone you want to provision in. We recommend europe-se-1a if you are unsure.

  • If you want backup, check the “backup” checkbox and select an amount of days you would like your history stored.

  • Select disk-type. See the Storage types article for more information.

  • Select your instance flavor. We recommend sticking with the default.

  • Select your SSH-key.

  • Under “local network”, select the network on which you want to run the service.

  • Check “NFS” if you want to install support for NFS.

  • Check “Windows Samba” if you want to install support for SMB/CIFS.

  • Select the storage volume size. This is the volume on which you will store your data. Its growable later on as per the Extend a persistent volume article.

  • Press “create”. You will get further details on how to connect to the service.

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