Schedule Snapshot

Using our service catalog, you can easily setup a recurring snapshot job for one ore more of your block storage volumes. The snapshot will be executed using our Platform automation tool but using this to setup recurring snapshots can be a complex task. The service catalog greatly simplifies this.

To setup the service, first follow the general instructions on our Service catalog page. Then follow these instructions:

  • Give your service a name and optionally a description.

  • In the “Cron in GMT” field you decide when and how often the job should be run. You can use hourly, daily or weekly as base. Select the one that is closest to what you want to do. If you for instance want to run a snapshot job once per night, select “daily” and then set the “Hour(s)” field to the hour you want to run the job.

  • In the “Age of snapshot deletion in hours” you select how many historical copies you want to keep. If you keep the default value of 72, when taking snapshots, previous snapshots that are older than 72 hours would get deleted.

  • In the “volume” field, select the volume that you want to backup.

  • Press “Launch” when done.


The cron format might be difficult to understand. When your snapshot job is created, if you press it, you can find out the “cron pattern”. There are several websites that can translate the cron pattern to a textual representation. Doing a web search for “cron pattern” might yield various options.

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