Launching an instanceΒΆ

To launch a new compute instance in Binero cloud, you have four main options as outlined in the links below. Each option have its pros and cons:

  • The cloud management portal is very easy to use and will get a user with limited prior knowledge from A to B quickly. The tradeoff is that advanced features are not always available.

  • OpenStack Horizon is the web interface included in OpenStack. Some advanced features might only have a GUI implementation here.

  • OpenStack terminal client is a command line implementation of OpenStack Horizon giving terminal oriented users a (very) quick way to access the cloud. The learning curve is steeper than the GUI implementation but the workflow will be very efficient.

  • The API is the full OpenStack REST API. Its intended for users that are either writing infrastructure as code or using a third party application (for instance Terraform) that needs to reach the cloud provisioning layer directly.


In order to create an instance, you will first need to know what flavor you want as well as what image to boot from. If you have not configured SSH-keys (for Linux) or nerworking yet, you may want to do some initial configuration first.