Object storage endpoints

When using the object storage service in Binero cloud you connect to a HTTP based API endpoint using any of the available APIs (S3 or Swift API). This is how you interact with the object storage service by sending HTTP API requests to for example get an object or put an object into the object storage.

There are four different HTTP based endpoints per availability zone, two per API (S3 API and Swift API), one is standalone (without replication) and one is with replication, using replication will cause your bucket to be replicated between the availability zones in the same region.

If you want to use replication, you would use the replicated endpoints. If you just want to store objects in one availability zone or are unsure on what to choose, you would use the standalone endpoints.


  • S3 standalone: https://object-eu-se-1a.binero.cloud

  • S3 replicated: https://object-eu-se-1a-rep.binero.cloud

  • Swift standalone: https://object-eu-se-1a.binero.cloud/swift/v1/AUTH_[PROJECT_ID]

  • Swift replicated: https://object-eu-se-1a-rep.binero.cloud/swift/v1/AUTH_[PROJECT_ID]


  • S3 standalone: https://object-eu-se-1b.binero.cloud

  • S3 replicated: https://object-eu-se-1b-rep.binero.cloud

  • Swift standalone: https://object-eu-se-1b.binero.cloud/swift/v1/AUTH_[PROJECT_ID]

  • Swift replicated: https://object-eu-se-1b-rep.binero.cloud/swift/v1/AUTH_[PROJECT_ID]